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VIDEO: Uncertain time for Malaysia Airlines

The future of Malaysia Airlines depends on what its biggest shareholder, the government, wants to do says an industry analyst.
Parents Remember Malaysia Airlines Flight Attendant Who Switched Planes (VIDEO)

- 2 days earlier @ Sanjid Singh Sandu died when the plane was shot down Thursday

Malaysia Airlines says future secure

- 2 days earlier @ Malaysia Airlines has told New Zealand travel agents its government owner is committed to ensuring its long-term future as the national carrier.The airline said it was operating all scheduled flights to and from Australia and New...

Malaysia Airlines Wreckage 'Significantly Altered'

- 2 days earlier @ Victims' Remains Arrive in Territory Held by Ukrainian Government

Malaysia Airlines MH17: What Can a Black Box Tell Investigators?

- 2 days earlier @ Black boxes from the MH17 plane crash are finally to be examined, but what will they reveal?



MH17: Latest news and developments from Malaysia Airlines disaster for Friday Control of the investigation of what brought down Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 has been formally handed to Dutch authorities in what is being described as a milestone achievement. Exactly a week to the hour since MH17 fell from the sky over ...

Malaysia Airlines plane diverts above Syria

Malaysia Airlines has defended itself after confirming that it diverted a flight over Syrian airspace.

Disasters taint Malaysia Airlines brand

The Malaysia Airlines brand has taken a hit after two tragedies in quick succession.

Travellers stand by Malaysia Airlines

Travellers have used social media to back Malaysia Airlines despite a second accident in four months.

Malaysia Airlines shares plummet

Shares in Malaysia Airlines have tumbled almost 18 per cent after the MH17 disaster.

Malaysia Airlines flight shot down in Ukraine

A Malaysian Airlines flight with at least 23 Australians on board has been shot down in eastern Ukraine.

Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash: More bodies arrive in Netherlands

The Straits Times: Employees load a container containing bodies of victims of downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 at the airport in the northeastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv on July 24, 2014. Planes carrying more bodies recovered from the MH17 crash site in Ukraine ...





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West Raises Pressure on Russia in Downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17

Wall Street Journal: The U.S. leveled its most-explicit allegations yet of Russia's involvement in the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, and European leaders threatened broad new sanctions against Moscow, marking a turning point in the standoff between the West and ...


Associated Press Bungles Malaysia Airlines Crash Alert, Sends Newsrooms Into

Newsweek: For a brief moment on Wednesday morning, Twitter users nearly had a collective blip of a heart attack when the AP tweeted that one of the Dutch planes carrying bodies from the downed Malaysia Airlines flight “crash lands in Eindhoven.” The apparent ...

Cockpit of Malaysia Airlines Plane Remains Unguarded

ABC News: Fields with wreckage from the downed Malaysia Airlines plane remained completely unguarded today amid international calls for the evidence to be protected and secured from looters. A team of international experts was on their way to the rural Ukrainian ...

Malaysia Airlines Wreckage 'Significantly Altered'

ABC News: Wreckage from the downed Malaysia Airlines plane in Ukraine has been “significantly altered,” international monitors told ABC News today, as remains of the victims arrived in territory held by the Ukrainian government. Major pieces of the front of the ...

Malaysia Airlines' Black Boxes Handed Over to Investigators

ABC News: The two black boxes from the downed Malaysia Airlines plane that left 298 people dead were handed over today to Malaysian officials. News media looked on as the transfer of the boxes was made late today. "I can see that the black boxes are intact ...

Supersonic missile downed Malaysia Airlines plane, photos suggest

New photographic evidence of the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 suggests that a Soviet-era supersonic missile most likely took down the Boeing 777 jetliner over Ukraine last week. Photos published by the New York Times yesterday (July 21) offer a close-up view of debris from the plane crash, with pieces of the commercial jet riddled with small holes that experts say were likely caused ...

Downed Malaysia Airlines plane: how did it go wrong for flight MH17

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was flying just 1,000 feet (300 metres) above restricted airspace when it was shot down, according to the European air traffic control body. Eurocontrol said Ukrainian authorities had barred aircraft ...


Victims' Bodies From Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Arrive in Netherlands

Wall Street Journal: The remains of some of the victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 have landed in The Netherlands. Dignitaries including the Dutch royal family watched the proceedings along with relatives of the victims. Meanwhile, Ukrainian officials said pro-Russian ...

Journey Home Finally Begins for the Victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight

New York Times: After a long whistle, the short gray train carrying the bodies from Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 pulled out of the remote train station here on Monday, leaving behind a pile of belongings dumped on the platform — a beige purse, a North Face backpack, a ...

Malaysia Airlines Ukraine Crash: Australia Mulls G-20 Putin Ban

TIME: Tony Abbott Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, right, attends a service for victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 at St. Mary's Cathedral in Sydney on July 20, 2014. Peter Parks—AFP/Getty Images ...

Victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17

New York Times: Among the 298 people aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 were a renowned AIDS researcher, a Dutch senator and an Australian novelist. Malaysia Airlines has reported 193 Dutch victims, including an American-dutch citizen; 43 Malaysians, including the ...


Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 crash hurts perception of air travel safety The tragedy in Eastern Ukraine where rebels seem to have shot down a passenger plane with 298 people on board is the latest disaster to have affected the global airline industry, which had only recently recovered after several years of uncertainty.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17: What we know today

USA TODAY: Corrections & Clarifications: A previous version misidentified the Malaysian Minister of Transport, Liow Tiong Lai. Following the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 crash Thursday — which killed all 298 on board — many questions still remain. USA TODAY ...


Dutch Take Over Lead of Malaysia Airlines Crash Investigation in Ukraine

Wall Street Journal: The refrigerated train carrying the remains of those killed aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 has reached the government-controlled city of Kharkiv, finishing the first part of a journey out of the conflict zone where they have been stuck for days ...

Bodies From Malaysia Airlines Crash in Ukraine Leave Conflict Zone

Wall Street Journal: The refrigerated train carrying the remains of those killed aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 has reached the government-controlled city of Kharkiv, finishing the first part of a journey out of the conflict zone where they have been stuck for days ...


Bodies From Malaysia Airlines Flight Are Stuck in Ukraine, Held Hostage Over

New York Times: TOREZ, Ukraine — Three wrenching days after the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, the bodies of most of those aboard have ended up here, in a fly-infested railway station in a rough coal-mining town in eastern Ukraine. For now, they are stuck ...


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